dressing for a wedding

5 tips for dressing for a wedding


Dressing for a wedding is more planning than improvisation. The goal is to maintain a subtle balance: to shine without overshadowing the bride. Here, 5 tips to achieve this.

Imposed colors, specified theme or explicit dress code: sometimes, it happens that the bride and groom define a dress code – formally indicated on the announcement. If this is your case, it is better to make them happy by lending you to the game, especially if you are a distinguished guest: witness, bridesmaid, family member…

banish the white

Decorum obliges, white and its chromatic equivalents are reserved for the bride. Fortunately, all other colors are allowed, including black, once excommunicated from wedding ceremonies . In summer, light and colorful tones, or even flowery patterns, are still more judicious… and just as elegant.

Respect the atmosphere of the wedding

The indication of the place can also guide the choice of your outfit. If the ceremony takes place abroad, it is (strongly) advised to apply the stylistic standards of the country. Thus, a wedding in the United States implies an impeccable beauty treatment with sculptural brushing and nickel manicure , while the French will bet on effortless elegance. Another example: a country wedding setting is more in keeping with the bohemian style than a wedding organized in a high-standing hotel.

Dress elegantly

Given the circumstances, elegance and sobriety are in order: sheath dresses, pencil skirts , tuxedo suits and other pieces resulting from a refined know-how are invited to the festivities. We avoid too short, too low-cut, too tight and, of course, too cheap. Other prescriptions: flashy camouflage and leopard prints, which are contrary to the stylistic proprieties imposed for a wedding.

Choose the right accessories

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To enhance your outfit, there’s nothing like accessories: a summer-sounding wedding hat  , jewelry displayed in moderation, a small flower crown to stay in the romantic spirit… Also plan a nice pair of heels that will instantly enhance sure your set. Last precaution: the classic pair of ballerinas, stowed in your bag, just in case your feet take their trouble patiently.

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