8 Things You Wish Someone Had Told You About Eyebrow Embroidery and the Healing Process

442 ViewsYou may have recently seen hot social media posts with hashtags like #eyebrowsonfleek and #i woke up like this. These posted people are likely to have attempted eyebrow embroidery to acquire the beautiful pair of brows they’ve always desired. Recently, we’ve noticed an increase in celebrities and influencers opting for brow embroidery to attain […]

Bruce Weber Photographer Provides a Few Pointers on Taking Stunning Photos of Dogs

534 ViewsWhile photographing all animals can be an exciting endeavor, dogs are particularly quite charming subjects. After all, they are considered to be the best friend and most loyal companions of man. Both amateur and professional photographers love to capture their furry friends. In fact, many pictures of his gorgeous golden retrievers have made their […]