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Bruce Weber Photographer Provides a Few Pointers on Taking Stunning Photos of Dogs


While photographing all animals can be an exciting endeavor, dogs are particularly quite charming subjects. After all, they are considered to be the best friend and most loyal companions of man. Both amateur and professional photographers love to capture their furry friends. In fact, many pictures of his gorgeous golden retrievers have made their way into the professional portfolio of Bruce Weber Photographer. Bruce is a well-known fashion photographer and filmmaker from America. While is best known for his fashion photography, he loves to photograph his dogs. He has even published a book called “The Golden Retriever Photographic Society”, which features a career-spanning collection of his famed dog photographs.

Bruce Weber Photographer shares certain pointers that can be helpful in taking great dog photographs

Before anything else, it is imperative to have fun when capturing images of dogs. No matter whether the shoot is conducted indoors or outside, the key to relaxed dog portraits is to create an environment where the subject is happy. The moods of a dog are reflected in its body language and face. Making the photo session fun would help in capturing the cheerful energy and big smiles of the pup. Much like people, a few dogs are most active early in the morning, while some others jump around more in the evenings. Selecting the optimal activity time of the pet for the shoot is imperative.

Creating a shot list before hand will help in executing the shoot more systematically. It is better to list the expressions and poses the photographer wants to capture. If the time and energy of the dog permits, all these poses should be checked off by the end of the shoot. However, it is also important to be flexible to the mood of the dog, and capture poses even outside of the list, if it looks good.

Experimenting, being creative and going through the works of notable professionals like Bruce Weber Photographer can be helpful in taking amazing dog photos. One should try to maintain an innovative approach, and try to photograph the subject from multiple angles, perspectives, and vantage points. At times, some of the most interesting dog photos are a bit off-centre or quirky.

Pets are closer to the ground than humans. Hence, photographers should consider getting down to their level. By lying on the ground or at least crouching on their knees, they shall be able to see things from the perspective of the dog. Such an approach will help in taking impactful images of the dog. Photographers can also make their subject sit on a bench, to aim for creative angles. They would have to zoom in to get a close-up nose shot, or a detailed eye image.

When photographing outdoors, it is imperative to check the objects beside or behind the subject. Dirty chairs, rubbish bins, other dogs and any unnecessary items must be kept out of the frame. Some outdoor elements, like a lamp post, flowerpots, and more can however be included to show the location or perspective of the dog.

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