Handbags for Women

Perfect Handbags for Women


For completing a look, a good handbag is very important. Your handbag must be in accordance with your style. If you are looking for a formal style, then a clutch will be perfect for you and if you are going on a casual lunch or outing then a sling bag is the one for you. Your bag makes an impression for you. It expresses your style through its elegant design and looks. Your handbag compliments your look and should always make you look like a shining star. Nowadays there are so many options to choose from that sometimes you can’t even remember all the different styles of handbags you own.

Having just one handbag is not enough, you need to make sure that there is a different style of handbags to accompany you to different events. From your office to a nice evening dinner, you must have a variety of handbags to choose from. Some different styles of handbags are briefly described below, take a look:

1. Cross-body Handbags

A cross-body bag is a staple piece of style that every woman must have in her wardrobe. It has a long strap that ends just below your waist and is worn diagonally. It can be used for office, during a lunch or while you are running errands. They come in so many cool colors that it is difficult to choose one. They were first introduced to society as a staple bags for messengers or for mail but with the time they improved and became a fashion choice. Always buy your handbags of good quality, use Urban Icon Promo Code and get your favorite bags at an affordable price.

2. Satchels and Shoulder Bags

Asatchel bag has a long strap which can be adjusted. They can be worn straight or diagonally. They usually come with a zip or a flap which protects the inner contents of the bad from falling out.  It is spacious enough to fit your things so you don’t miss anything. Now they come in some renewed styles and designs that it’s hard to ignore. They make a style statement of their own, they are mostly worn by college students to make them look trendy.

3. Tote Bags

People often call them reusable shopping bags, they are large and have much greater space than any other handbag. They are ideal for someone who is going shopping and has a lot to buy. They are considered the most comfortable while shopping. They can fit all your necessary essentials. They are stronger than they look and carry your whole world in them. They can also be used as a handbag to complete your look for a nice evening stroll.

4. Clutch

A clutch is basically a handbag without any straps or handles. They are simply stylish to have with you at any formal event. They are small than most the bags yet they make a style statement of their own. They are designed in a way to hold only in hands, they can also be a part of any casual lunch. Their occasion depends on the type of clutch you have. If it’s a fancy one with some embellishment on it then it’s for a formal event but if it’s a nice simple clutch, then it can be your partner for a casual lunch.

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