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6 things to do for perfect wedding makeup


Wedding make-up is not an easy art: to be radiant, without being shiny, to feel good about yourself, to think about the result in the photos… But the most important thing is that the make-up must hold all day. That’s why Vogue has rounded up tips from the pros for everything you need to know to do and what to avoid to look perfect on your big day.

6 things to do for perfect wedding makeup:

A test before the big day

Charlotte Tilbury, the originator of the wedding look of Kate Moss and Miranda Kerr recommends meeting her make up artist before the wedding to avoid unpleasant surprises. ” Meet for a consultation and talk about the look you want to achieve, to make sure you’re on the same page for the big day ,” she advises. A precaution to take even if you do your own wedding makeup.

Glowing skin

” The fresh complexion is perfectly suited to wedding make-up and it’s one of my most requested looks “, says Charlotte Tilbury, insisting on the importance of preparation. She begins with a two-step facial cleansing, starting with her Goddess Cleansing Ritual before applying her Instant Magic Dry Sheet Mask , then following with Magic Cream and a primer. ” To achieve flawlessly glowing skin that instantly glows and feels refreshed, mix a little foundation with highlighter ,” she advises. ” I use my fingers a lot, because the warmth of the hands allows the product to penetrate “

Emphasize your eyes

” A light bronze eyeshadow brings out all eye colors and adds a sensual touch to all bridal makeup ” , explains Amy Conway make up artist at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Generously applied mascara makes your eyes appear larger, more open.

Dare to use blush

” When faced with a white or ivory dress, use more blush than usual so that you don’t appear too pale in the photos, ” explains Amy Conway . His trick? Be generous with the blush . “ I use bluish-pink tones on the cheeks, like Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink Blush, to brighten the skin. ”

Layering long-wearing products

” Long –wearing gel eyeliners stay on well and are easy to apply ,” Amy Conway tells us . Layer it over primer to boost volume, length and wave effect like no waterproof mascara can, ” she recommends. ” Use waterproof mascara on top, like a raincoat “.

Set so you don’t shine

Once your makeup is finished, set it with a compact powder using a sculpting brush on the T-zone and on the bridge of the nose, chin and forehead. ” The powder will set your bridal makeup and combat shine later in the day .”

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