hair growth

10 tips to stimulate hair growth


1/ Massage your skull

The massage stimulates microcirculation, which promotes exchanges at the level of the hair bulb. Dry or with an essential oil treatment, massage the scalp with your fingertips, as if you were trying to peel it off. Always proceed in the direction of blood circulation, from the neck to the top of the head. You can, if you prefer, use a hairbrush, the bristles of which have a massaging effect, or a quartz comb.

2 / Leave on a vegetable oil

Mix in a bowl 2 teaspoons of castor oil and 2 of mustard oil, fortifying. Apply once a week to the scalp, then leave on for 30 minutes before shampooing.

3 / Brush your hair

More than a banal gesture of styling, it is an essential ritual to rid the hair of impurities and thus facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients of the care formulas. It is also a way to distribute the sebum over the lengths and better protect them.

4 / Detoxify your scalp

Styling products and formulas rich in silicones can act as a barrier and prevent treatment nutrients from penetrating to the hair bulbs. The right reflex? Every two weeks, carry out a gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells and various residues, massage the scalp and thus revive microcirculation. Another option is a purifying clay treatment , to apply as a poultice before shampooing, once a week.

5 / Avoid breakage

Say goodbye to poor quality brushes, combs or rubber bands, which make the hair brittle and are therefore incompatible with beautiful lengths. Abandon metal, rubber or plastic and favor natural materials : horn, boar hair and fabric for fasteners.

6 / Enrich your shampoo

In a bottle, pour 85 ml of neutral shampoo, add a drop of rosemary essential oil and one of carrot seed oil. Shake before each use. This preparation promotes microcirculation and stimulates growth.

7 / Betting on LEDs

In institute (Hairfax, for example) or at home (Solaris brush), these light treatments reinforce the cellular activity of the scalp and promote regrowth thanks to photobiomodulation . But they require regular monitoring.

8 / Sleep on a pure silk pillowcase

It helps maintain healthy hair, preserve keratin and prevent split ends . It is also an ally of choice for curly hair , because it prevents them from tangling. If the lengths are not damaged, no need to cut them!

9 / Stock up on nutrients

Boost your hair at the root with serums enriched with beneficial active ingredients, such as fortifying vitamin B5, toning maca , ginkgo biloba … Opt for ready-to-use formulas, to apply to damp scalp. Be light-handed, so as not to overload the roots, and do not rinse, to give the nutrients time to act.

10 / Start a cure of food supplements

Known to promote the growth of the hair fiber and strengthen it, they are often used when the hair begins to fall. In prevention, it can be useful to take a 3-month cure based on vitamins, sulfur amino acids, ginger teas, turmeric , etc. To be taken with meals, for better assimilation.

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