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10 tips from the pros for styling your hair properly


The hairdressing pros give you their tips and advice for displaying sublime hair as if you had just left their salons.

1/ Detangle with a comb

Apply a conditioner , and while he poses, take the opportunity to detangle the lengths using a detangling comb . You must not content to do it with your fingers, nor wait to have them pre-dried, you risk accumulating knots and weakening your fibers by pulling too hard on them to eliminate them.”

2/ Blow dry with hot rollers

Tom Marcireau, Hairdresser and founder of the eponymous salon : “On pre-dried hair, start by lifting the roots with the hair dryer . Then put heated rollers on large strands and let them act while you put on your make-up. them, brush and your brushing is finished! I recommend it to all women in a hurry or those who do not master the technique.”

3/ Lacquer with lightness

Christophe Robin, Colourist and founder of the eponymous salon: “When you use styling products, they settle on the scalp and prevent it from breathing, the hair regreases quickly, you have to wash more often. To hold a blow-dry I recommend a “light” hairspray that can be removed with a few brush strokes.”

4/ Prefer ceramic

Romain, Artisan Colorist and founder of Romain Colors: ” If you use plates or a curler , choose a ceramic model. The heat is better diffused in the material, distributed more evenly, which weakens the hair less .”

5/ Use the cold air button

Olivier Lebrun, Hairdresser, Creator of the Olab Paris salon: “Cooling a strand that has just been styled allows you to fix the movement. The curls or blow -dry will thus hold better if you use the cold air button on your hair dryer . “

6/ Choose the right brush

Tom Marcireau, Hairdresser and founder of the eponymous salon: “Choose a brush with half-boar , half-synthetic bristles. They are perfect for detangling dry and wet hair, for styling hairstyles but above all they shine the hair without creating c ‘ static electricity ‘ .

7/ Brush properly

David Lucas, Hairdresser and Founder of David Lucas salons: “Prefer models with many round-headed pins to perform a mini-massage when brushing. The important thing when brushing is to remember to ventilate as much as possible the hair to bring volume , so don’t forget to pass the brush from the nape of the neck to the front upside down, once the hair is dry.”

8/ Increase brushing

Damien Boissinot, Hairstylist: “It’s very important and very healthy. The ideal is to have a hairbrush on you and to brush yourself several times a day. The plus effect: it allows you to achieve a light scalp massage each time.”

9/ Preserve the brushing

Damien Boissinot, Hairstylist: “Before going to take a shower or go to bed, consider raising the hair by slightly twisting the locks to avoid frizz , then secure with 3 or 4 pins. The important thing is not to pull too much on the strands, so as not to break the tone of the roots and preserve the volume created by blow-drying.”

10/ Boost volume with beer

Christophe Robin, Colourist and founder of the eponymous salon : “If your hair lacks density, mix beer with water in an atomizer . Spray it on the roots then dry upside down.”

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