Ordering Cakes Online

What Not to Do When Ordering Cakes Online


If you’re considering ordering from an online cake shop in Singapore, you’re probably looking for a fast way to satisfy your sugar tooth. Alternatively, you may be ordered as a surprise for someone.

Whatever the reason, convenience is a major factor in why people in Singapore opt for online pastry delivery. However, it is also due to ‘convenience’ that some people disregard what needs to be considered in order to obtain the correct confection, thereby transforming ‘convenience’ into ‘inconvenience’.

To assist you, we have compiled a list of the most common errors people make when online cake orders so that you can avoid them.

Ordering last minute.

You would likely have a confection delivered because you need one urgently. If possible, devote a certain amount of time to locating a cake store with a selection of cakes that falls within your budget. This will ensure that a reputable artisan bakes the cake, contains no allergens, and is the best option for you.

Aside from that, having time allows you to investigate other available options; who knows, perhaps the premium ones are on sale for a limited time.

Not comprehending the measurements.

When you order a cake online, it will likely have a picture showing you what it looks like and its size. Even if you have a mental image of the cake’s measurement, you should still measure it to avoid ordering a too-large or too-small cake.

In addition, knowing the precise size of your prospective cake allows you to anticipate how many people it will serve, which is essential if you intend to share it.

Not taking into account the delivery duration.

Delivery times can vary from store to store. Therefore, if you intend to have a cake delivered, you should ensure that your preferred cake store can accommodate your desired delivery window.

This will ensure that your cake arrives in the freshest condition possible. Also, knowing how quickly your cake can be delivered will aid in the success of your intended surprise party.

Lack of communication with the bakery.

If you plan to order a cake online, be sure to communicate any special requests, such as omitting allergens or adding a personal touch, to the cake shop in a clear manner.

This will guarantee that you can enjoy your cake without restriction.


Online cake purchases in Singapore may appear to be a simple task, but errors can still occur. To ensure that you obtain the cake you desire, you must dedicate a certain amount of time to the process, determine the size and shape of the cake, determine how quickly the shop can deliver it, and communicate any special requests to the cake shop.

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