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perfect makeup ideas for a wedding


It’s D-Day, and whether it’s our best friend or a distant cousin getting married, we have to be on top. But be careful not to overdo it, the star of the day is the bride. Whether you are a fan of very elaborate makeup or, on the contrary, more natural looks, there are plenty of ideas on the internet.

Rule 1: bet on the natural

This is the faux pas to avoid: wearing too much makeup. The whole thing is to work the complexion well, to look good and be radiant! And if you’re not a fan of foundation, there are plenty of alternatives for a more natural look! On the blush side, we choose one that suits our skin tone, but if we have any doubts, we opt for a peach or a rosé and voila!

Rule 2: choose the eyes or the mouth

To avoid the too much side, we make a choice. Either we take the side of smoky eyes (brown, black, golden) and we make a natural and slightly shiny mouth for more freshness. Either we prefer an ultra sparkling and colorful mouth, and we remain more discreet at eye level. We can have fun choosing colors that are a little out of the ordinary, but we don’t forget to stay natural. Whether you have brown, blue, green or black eyes, choose the eyeshadow color that suits you !

 Rule 3 . Make-up trends for a summer wedding

A wedding in 2018? You can also bet on the makeup trends of the season for elegant and classy makeup. On the color side, shades of red, brick, orange are very fashionable, so we don’t hesitate to grab them and use them in eye shadow. On the complexion side, it’s the glossy effect that you have to adopt! We therefore bet on a luminous complexion, with pretty bronze-colored reflections as if we had passed through a cloud of sparkling powder. For the lips we opt for a matte lipstick or a dark shade, burgundy or purple, much seen this season and very elegant. Obviously, we avoid associating the 3 at the same time!

Changing your makeup completely on your wedding day

” Your wedding is an opportunity to showcase your natural beauty so that you feel at the top of your confidence and your beauty “, explains Charlotte Tilbury. “ Avoid experimenting with unusual or bold colors on your wedding day. For example, colors like purple may go to some, especially those with brown or green eyes, but not to others, while neutral ones like chocolate, bronze or copper go on all eyes, and all skin colors, and don’t go out of style. ” In a nutshell? Natural.

Forget your base

“The bride’s makeup should last all day, from the ceremony to the reception “, explains Charlotte Tilbury . Easier said than done especially with all the emotions and the focus on the bride. “ Primers guarantee longer-lasting makeup ,” recommends Amy Conway of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics .

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