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Fly fishing clothing tips


Comfort and functionality are two of the most important aspects of clothing for a Florida fly-fishing trip. However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore fashion. You don’t have to settle for what you already own or what your husband has. There are clothing lines specifically made for fisher women.

Start with a short-sleeve tee, and then move on to a longer-sleeved shirt. Then add a vest, jacket, or hoodie. Make sure your outer layer has enough pockets for everything, even extra fly covers.

Both shirts and pants should be made of breathable, quick drying fabrics. Water is part of the sport, and you will likely be exposed to it. A hooded rain jacket that is waterproof is always a good investment.

You can try on shorts, trousers, or fishing capris and see how they feel on the water. Stretchable fabrics are a great choice for bottoms because they allow you to move freely. It is important to have plenty of pockets that are easy to access.

The casting shirt is another option. You don’t have to buy a small size shirt for a man when you can find fashionable and functional shirts that are made for active women. The typical style features a caped front and back panel for air circulation, roll up sleeves and open pockets. This lightweight polyester blend is quick drying and offers UPF30 sun protection.

Do not let the bugs distract you from your passion for fly fishing. Long-sleeved shirts with built-in insect repellent are a good option. They can be washed many times without losing their protection.

Even if you start your day on a cloudy South Platte, or Eagle River morning, the sun will soon appear. For protection from the sun’s glare and the sun’s heat, you will need sunglasses and a hat that has a brim.

You don’t have to sacrifice style because you fly fish in Florida waters. Start your search by clicking on the page at Fly fishing and fashion can co-exist!

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